Children with dyslexia


Children with dyslexia generally has a difficulty in reading though they love others to read for them. Research shows that Dyslexia occurs because of subtle problems in language related information processing part of the brain. Thus, reading is not automatic for children with Dyslexia which makes reading tedious for them. The good news is that children with dyslexia can be helped to read and spell by a trained teacher who would be using Multi-Sensory Structured Language Educational (MSLE) approach.

Dyslexia is usually diagnosed during kindergarten or primary school and in some cases, it goes without being diagnosed until the child is much older and in which the child is expected to read and comprehend complex language  skills at a higher level. In conclusion, do not delay seeking help if you notice that your child is struggling to read, as delay in identifying dyslexia can create bigger reading challenges in which the child’s self-esteem is affected.

Hema Gurnani