Relationship and Marital

One of the greatest challenges in a relationship is when individuals do not see things the way their partner sees them. These differences in a relationship can cause a lot of agony and relational challenges as the relationship progresses beyond the honeymoon phase. 

Many couples experience differences in a marital relationship and such difference can be due to gender differences, personality traits, habits and preferences, family upbringing, cultural values, emotional needs and expectations. And sometimes, the very differences that are meant to complement the relationship can repel and the differences gets magnified and partners start the blame-game - souring the relationship! 

However, building bedrock of trust as the foundation of marriage, coupled with open communication and agreeing to disagree with your partner is a sign of respect and appreciation towards the individual differences in a relationship that  can contribute to a greater connection and intimacy that helps the overall emotionally satisfaction and stability in a healthy couple relationship that also reduces the risk of a divorce.

Divorce rates are supposedly on the rise! When divorce happens, it results in difficulties for the couple and the children as well. While divorce may be necessary and a healthier choice for some couples, others may wish to salvage whatever is left of the union because the implications on the children are real. This will be an appropriate time to seek marital counselling to enhance open  communication in which each partner feel appreciated and valued. Before rushing for a divorce due to an unhappy situation, every parent must consider the needs of their child/children who need the parents tender loving care - the foundation for emotional stability. 

Another major contributing factor for a marriage breaking down would be when one or both parties are having an affair, or one partner has had an affair. In such circumstances trust, betrayal and anger are emotions which is normal for the partner who is feeling rejected. Recovering from an affair is not impossible but it takes a lot of hard work for both parties to start re-connecting the missing pieces of the relationship. Seek help immediately!  

With the support of a trained professional, marital counselling can provide a different perspective to the dynamics of a relationship when a couple has reached a stalemate. Unhelpful behaviour patterns that may have been ingrained may also be modified when a couple is committed to making some changes which will be beneficial to them in the long run. Seeking professional counselling can enhance communication and effective conflict resolution are the building blocks to a strong foundation in a marriage. A professional counsellor also brings a refreshing element of reminding the couple of their strengths in the relationship.

Hema Gurnani