Social Skills

Photo by Afta Putta Gunawan from Pexels

Socialization is a process whereby children learn to relate to peers with similar values, ideologies and interests which helps them to form positive friendships. In general, most children learn to socializing through their family, school, peers and social media. Unfortunately, a small group of children do not have the social skill to socialise  because they may have not been given the opportunity to socialize outside the family.

What is Social Skills? Social skills consist of different ways, children  interact with their peers to form healthy and positive relationships. For example, some children love to play while another group of children may love to chit-chat about sports, favourite television programmes, fashion, pets or prefer to study together.  These are all social activities that children like to do with their selected group of friends and not with all friends.  In general, social skills teaches children to interact and expand their social connections with peers who share common interests while learning new things about their friends while expanding their knowledge about the many multi-faceted discussion points.

How can social skills of children be enhanced? Exposing children to learn expressive language skills through communication and active interactions, teaches children from a younger age to listen to parents or peer when they are talking. Additionally, teaching children to take turns when playing, sharing things with the less privilege, showing empathy and by being mindful before speaking negative things about friends grooms children to become considerate, responsible, respectful and caring which are likable traits as children evolve to become adults. 

Is Socializing Important? Healthy social relationships helps children develop positive friendships and it is through their friends children define their personality, establish independence, and learn how to manage complex emotions when relating to  those outside their family. Friendships also teaches children to trust others which helps to establish a sense of security beyond family as they explore the world outside home.

Hema Gurnani