A Case study: Unemployment

This article reflects the author’s present recollections of experiences over time. Some names and characteristics have been changed, some events have been compressed, and some dialogue has been recreated.

“I have remained unemployed for last seven months. The company I worked for closed down last year, relocating to China. 

I have gone through several interviews but, until now, there has been no positive response.

With teary eyes, he says, “I don’t know what will happen to my family   !!!..... My daughter is only seven and my wife does not work.  Not only that, I also need to support my elderly mother who is suffering from Dementia! 

 All these make me feel depressed and dull.  If I could give a colour to my feelings, at the moment, that will be ‘grey' ...for sure! There is no justice in this world!”

Insights: Here, it is clear that the client needs to find a way to re-energise himself and find ways to keep him motivated. By working with a trained counsellor, the client will be able to share his feelings with a third party, and in doing so, lighten his own burden, find positive ways to reframe his current situation and maintain a constructive outlook in life.  

Hema Gurnani