specialist services

Assessment, treatment, and management of clinical conditions that impair emotional, cognitive, physical, behavioural, and social functioning. Kindly note that all our services are only available to Singapore Citizens, and Permanent Residents.


Our psychiatric services include the diagnosis, treatment, and management of clinical conditions that impair the emotional, cognitive, physical, behavioural and social functioning of individuals.Our consultant psychiatrist has more than 30 years of experience and specialises in handling various neuro-psychiatric disorders in children, adolescents, and adults. Psychiatric consultation and support is also offered for stress disorders (i.e. post-traumatic stress disorder), emotional disorders (i.e. anxiety or mood disorders), developmental difficulties (i.e. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorders) and behavioural difficulties (i.e. antisocial behaviour).

The fee for an psychiatric assessment is $80 per session, while follow-up sessions are at $60 per session. Under the discretion of WINGS Counselling Centre, partial and full waivers are available for certain clients with financial difficulties. 

pSYCHOMETRIC & Psychological Assessment

At WINGS Counselling Centre, we are dedicated to working with parents to discover their child’s unique abilities and strengths through our assessment service which utilises psychometric tests administered by our in-house psychologist. Early identification, detection, and intervention of a child’s unique and special needs allows them to learn and grow in an environment within which they can develop. Furthermore, our strength-based approach ensures that therapy sessions are specially tailored to meet the child’s needs based on our assessment. Through these efforts, we aim to help the child learn new skills and strategies that can bridge their needs with their strengths, thus encouraging and supporting their holistic growth.

The term “special needs” is sometimes regarded as taboo in our society, causing many people to avoid it. It is hence very normal for parents to be apprehensive about having their child assessed; it is a scary thought to discover that your child may have a special need. However, despite your fears, the best way to support your child is through early identification of learning disorders, autism, attention deficit hyper active disorder and dyslexia, as these conditions not only affect the child’s potential for learning, but also impairs their social, emotional, functioning, and behaviour.

WINGS Counselling Centre acknowledges the important role parents play in their child’s life which is why support counselling is provided for parents, be it for a parenting issue, or for difficulties in managing a child with unique or special needs. We provide strategies and skills for parents to manage the challenges of each child so that each child achieves his or her full potential.

Psychiatric assessment fees depend on the nature of assessment and the method utilised. Accordingly, the fees can vary. Kindly call us for any inquiry regarding the fees for such as assessment.Under the discretion of WINGS Counselling Centre, partial and full waivers are available for certain clients with financial difficulties. 

Workshops, and talks can be organized for schools, national, multinational companies, and community organizations. The purpose of outreach programmes are to facilitate the awareness of issues that may affect the targeted audience (i.e. students, parents, or employees). Custom tailor-made programs that suit the requirements of the target group are offered. 

The fees for workshops and talks vary depending on its format and duration. For more information, please call us.